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Big dark fibre upgrade for Joburg Internet exchange

  "INX-ZA has announced the completion of a high-speed dark fibre network to improve the resilience and backbone capacity of the multi-site Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX)" * Read the full article on MyBroadband .

Debunking 10 common misconceptions about IoT devices

  "This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most common misconceptions surrounding IoT (Internet of Things) devices. As the adoption of IoT devices continues to grow, it is crucial to address these misconceptions and provide accurate information to users and businesses alike. This will lead to better adoption and utilization, and foster a more informed and secure IoT ecosystem."   * Read the full article over at CyberTalk .  

How to rebuild trust after a cyber security breach

  "With cyber attacks rising and trust in institutions declining, having a cyber security resilience plan is essential for business. Consolidating fragmented cyber security systems is the key preventative strategy. Strong communications with customers is equally important in the aftermath to re-establish trust." * Read the full article over on CyberTalk .

The Rise of Unix. The Seeds of its Fall


Fusion’s SD-WAN solution offers more bang for less buck

  "IDC predicts the SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networks) market will reach $6 billion by 2020. Gartner suggests that 30 per cent of enterprises will have deployed an SD-WAN by 2019.  It seems everyone is developing solutions including carriers, software and hardware providers and bandwidth aggregators such as Fusion Broadband."   * Read the full article on Chief IT . 

VMware partner programme shakeup to impact SA channel

  "VMware channel partners, including those in South Africa, are uncertain about future dealings with the company after its new parent company, Broadcom, confirmed its decision to transition the VMware partner programme to its ‘by-invitation-only Broadcom Advantage Partner Programme’." * Read the full article on ITWeb . 

Thato Matsio explains the importance of the Northern Cape School Connectivity project

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview , Thato Matsio – The Impact Catalyst Head of Department: ICT and Education – discusses the Northern Cape School Connectivity project.    

SD-WAN catches up with Verizon Business, which takes a $5.9 billion impairment charge

  Carriers such as Verizon used to get a lot of money from selling MPLS circuits to business customers. But now, even though the carriers may still retain those customers, they only get a portion of the pie. The other providers of connectivity also get a portion. And the biggest portion goes to the SD-WAN vendor. * Read the full article on Fierce Telecom .   

A damp discussion of network queuing

  "Very few presenters at technical conferences come equipped with gallons of water and a small inflatable swimming pool to contain it. But that is just how Stephen Hemminger showed up at the 2014 Linux Plumbers Conference . Stephen was there to talk about the current state of the fight against bufferbloat; while there was some good news to share, the sad fact is that, in a number of areas, we are still all wet." * Read the full article over on LWN.NET . 

Delivering The Fail, The Post Office IT Scandal by Brian Whelton

  Presented at Steel SteelCon .

Business email compromise: Why it could cost your rental agency everything

  "Cybercrime is getting more common and more sophisticated, and businesses that regularly make large electronic transactions – like rental agencies – are tempting targets for criminals. World-wide, scammers robbed victims of 44% more money in 2022 than in 2021, and in South Africa alone the damage comes to around R2.2 billion per year." * Read the full article over on Property24 . 

African Telecommunications Infrastructure in 2023

  "Welcome to the 10th annual review of telecommunications infrastructure development in Africa. Ten years is a bit of a milestone and perhaps a period worthy of some reflection, so for each section I’ll take a look back to 2014 and see what has changed. I think if anything has characterised 2023, it is the sense that investment activity in ICT infrastructure is back to pre-COVID levels if not even busier. This is reflected in part by the bumper crop of over 500 articles in this year’s review." * Access the full review on Many Possibilities . 

These undersea cables connect South Africa to the world

  "Nine undersea cables link South Africa to other parts of Africa and different continents, and combined, they span approximately 143,570km" * Read the full article on MyBroadband .  

AT&T outage leaves south Dallas businesses without internet, phone for nearly 2 weeks

  "Businesses in South Dallas say they're losing revenue every day because of an unresolved phone and internet outage.   AT&T services in their neighborhood haven't been working since Christmas Day, and they believe it points to systemic inequalities that have long plagued this part of Dallas." * Read the full article on CBSNews .

Where network management products come up short

  "M ost network management products miss the point and come up short. Their primary focus is on monitoring uptime. This is often referred to as a RAG tool:  Red, Amber, and Green  where  Red  signifies down,  Amber  signifies intermittent connectivity problems and  Green  signifies good connectivity. This serves a limited business purpose and cannot justify any return on investment. Product development focussed on reporting on acceptable situations, as opposed to providing equal focus on a network in dire straits.  How is this monitoring?  All it does is give you a comfortable feeling. With this approach there is no difference in the value proposition of 'ping' or a network management framework product using SNMP worth millions." * Read the full article on ITWeb .

Masterminds of South Africa’s biggest pyramid scheme in history could lose millions, face jailtime

  "The promoters and directors of Mirror Trading International could face criminal prosecution and significant civil penalties, Barnard Incorporated Attorneys senior associate Pieter Walters has told MyBroadband."  The liquidators of MTI can proceed to open a case with the relevant investigative authorities pending appeal proceedings,” Walters said.  Mirror Trading International (MTI) was a Bitcoin-based network marketing scam that began in South Africa in 2019 and drew in members worldwide." * Read the full article on MyBroadband . 

QR Codes

"Have you ever wondered what those squares of dots or bars called "QR codes" are all about? You most likely have seen them posted on websites, printed on posters, used as mobile tickets, or on restaurant tables. How do these work, and are there risks you should be worried about? Let's find out." * Read the full article over at SANS . 

Australian Court Service Hacked, Hearing Recordings at Risk

"Court cases and tribunals in Australia have been impacted by a cybersecurity incident, with attackers potentially accessing recordings of hearings, according to the Court Services Victoria (CSV)." * Read the full article over at Infosecurity Magazine . 

Broadcom Takes Top VMware Accounts Direct ‘Effective Immediately’

  'Effective Immediately: Strategic customer segments are no longer eligible for Opportunity Registration,’ Broadcom wrote to partners in a newly issued Opportunity Registration Policies, according to material obtained by CRN. * Read the full article on CRN .

Orange España suffers national outage caused by “ridiculously weak” password

  "A major internet service disruption at Spanish telecommunications company Orange España was caused by a cyberattack that may not have occurred if the operator had used a stronger password." * Read the full article over on Cyb ernews .  

What happened in tech the year you were born

"It’s astonishing to look back at the development of the technology industry over the past half a century." * Read the full article over at TechCentral .

RUNG OUT Verizon down updates — Thousands of users report outages with mobile phones and internet

  " "THOUSANDS of users reported outages with their Verizon accounts on Friday night." * Read the full article on The Sun .  

How will YOU survive on the day an enemy state switches off the internet?

  "Planes dropping out of the sky. Your mobile rendered useless, just like your car. As a Netflix film portrays a nightmare that security experts insist is a very real prospect... How will YOU survive on the day an enemy state switches off the internet?" * Read the full article on Daily Mail .

Cleaner polishes off patient

 Read about this famous urban legend over on The Internet Archive .

Melbourne SD-WAN for MSPs player Fusion Broadband jumps into IBM Cloud

  "SD-WAN for MSPs expert Fusion Broadband has extended its service into IBM’s cloud, in an effort to take its service global.   Fusion Broadband has developed its own SD-WAN software and sells it in white-box appliances. The company has over 200 Australian MSPs who resell the SD-WAN service, and/or its broadband aggregation and IP failover services.   Managing Director Jason Maude told CRN that MSPs can use their own brands on Fusion’s appliances and often find that doing so makes for easier sales than positioning themselves as partners of an SD-WAN or networking vendor." * Read the full article on CRN .

Fusion boosts business broadband by bonding

  "Fusion Broadband's bonded hybrid service combining ADSL and 3G or 4G broadband is proving a boon to businesses in fringe areas that are poorly served by current fixed-line technologies and are still waiting for the NBN to arrive." * Read the full article on iTWire .

Fusion Broadband is IBM Beacon Award winner

  "Australia-based Fusion Broadband has won the IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Infrastructure Services Solution." * Read the full article over at  EntelechyAsia .

Fusion Broadband Migrates Its SD-WAN Services to IBM Cloud For Greater Scale

  "Australian SD-WAN provider Fusion Broadband migrated its SD-WAN services to the IBM Cloud , which has supported a 400 percent growth of these services." *  Read the full article on sdxcentral .

Fusion Broadband speeds private WAN rollouts

  "A new service from Fusion Broadband makes building private WANs quicker and cheaper." * Read the full article on iTWire .

Fusion Broadband taps Equinix for global expansion

  "Australia’s Fusion Broadband has expanded into Equinix to increase its global footprint and offer customers enhanced performance and more advanced connectivity options." * Read the full article over at  EntelechyAsia .

Fusion Broadband runs SD-WAN in IBM Cloud

  "By migrating its SD-WAN services to IBM Cloud, Fusion Broadband was able to cope with 400% growth in four months." * Read the full article over on iTWire .

Fusion’s secure SD-WAN – The best business Internet experience

  "The best Internet experience is not only achieved by purchasing a “business-grade” connection from an ISP. There is a common myth that business-grade Internet is achieved using an SLA that has a response metric." * Read the full article published on BusinessTech .  

Getting serious about SDN

"SDN has been described as a model that will revolutionise the network industry. But it does leave those who have made sizeable investments in hardware in a bit of a pickle, particularly businesses tied into longer-term hardware contracts." * Read the full article over at ITWeb . 

SMTP Smuggling: New Flaw Lets Attackers Bypass Security and Spoof Emails

  "A new exploitation technique called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ) smuggling can be weaponized by threat actors to send spoofed emails with fake sender addresses while bypassing security measures ." * Originally published on The Hacker News . 

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Understanding Fortinet's Legacy of Security Flaws From Magic Back Door to XORtigate CVE-2023-27997

  Here is list referenced in this video 12 regarding the history of Fortinet and their history of security issues. Breaking the Fortigate SSL VPN 63 Black Hat Talk about SSL VPN Infiltrating Corporate Intranet Like NSA - Pre-auth RCE on Leading SSL VPNs - YouTube 22 Remote Password Change Vulnerability 14 Fortinet FortiSIEM Hardcoded SSH Key 12 Hard-coded password raises new backdoor eavesdropping fears 15 Some Fortinet products shipped with hardcoded encryption keys 6 Multiple Fortinet products use a weak encryption cipher (“XOR”) and hardcoded cryptographic keys 14 FortiOS, FortiProxy, and FortiSwitchManager Authentication Bypass Technical Deep Dive (CVE-2022-40684) 11 XORtigate: Pre-authentication Remote Code Execution on Fortigate VPN 72