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Navigating the SMB Threat Landscape

Key Insights from Huntress’ SMB Threat Report "Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves in the crosshairs of today’s cybercriminals. While the spotlight often shines on high-profile breaches affecting corporate giants, it’s these businesses, the SMBs, who are the ones dealing with the barrage of threats. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the wild.   At Huntress, we have a distinct view of the various attacks and instructions against the SMB space. So we’re excited to share that we’ve taken those insights and created the first issue of a new report we’re publishing, the SMB Threat Report . " * Access the blog post on Huntress .

Collaborative effort from all parties needed to address SA ports crisis - SAAFF

  "Approximately 70,000 containers are stuck at the Durban port as a result, in part, of equipment problems - at a multi-million rand daily cost to the economy. The South African Association of Freight Forwarders said the current operating model is archaic and needs urgent revision"  * Read the full story on EWN .

South Africa’s big fibre rush

  South Africa’s big fibre rush Hanno Labuschagne 31 December 2023 "South Africa’s biggest fibre network operators (FNOs) continued to expand their fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks substantially in 2023.  The number of people using FTTH has surged past those who had a Telkom DSL package at the peak of its popularity in 2014.  At its height, there were around a million DSL customers in South Africa.  Fibre not only provides faster and more reliable connections with greater capacity, it is also immune against one of the biggest weaknesses of ADSL — copper cable theft.  We asked South Africa’s major fibre networks for their latest numbers of homes passed and connected for a comprehensive perspective on the state of FTTH in South Africa." * Read the full article over at MyBroadband .

Replay! SpaceX Falcon Heavy launches secretive X-37B space plane, nails landings in Florida

  "A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched the X-37B space plane for the U.S. Space Force on Dec. 28, 2023 at 8:07 p.m. EST (0107 GMT Dec. 28)."

My Guest Tonight With Annika Larsen

  Broad-ranging explosive interview with journalist Annika Larsen on this week, in which Andre de Ruyter talked at length about what he sees as entrenched corruption within government and governance around Eskom.

Will Broadcom 'Milk' VMware SD-WAN Post-Merger?

"A source inside Broadcom 's newly reorganized software-defined edge division questioned the semiconductor and software vendor's commitment to the VMware SD-WAN and SASE business it recently acquired and the many telecom providers that leverage the technology.  Broadcom closed its massive acquisition of VMware on Nov. 22. The following week, news hit the wires of innumerable layoffs at various offices. As of Thursday afternoon, WARN notices in eight states add up to 2,867 impacted employees.  Media reports have already swirled about what Broadcom intends to do with VMware's end-user computing and Carbon Black cybersecurity units. But one source who hailed from VMware's edge networking business said heavy cuts within the division are a harbinger of things to come in Broadcom's SD-WAN and SASE strategy." * Read the full article over on Channel Futures .    

Unknown extortionists posted ransom note when Western Cape legislature was hit by cyberattack

  "The Western Cape legislature was cyber-attacked in May.   The legislature's parliamentary oversight committee received a confidential briefing from its IT department.  The committee heard unknown extortionists demanded a ransom and confidential information about members was leaked. " * Read the full article on News24 .

Termination notice sent to VMware partners

  "VMware partners around the world have received notice that their existing partner contracts will be terminated from 4 Febuary 2024.   Selected partners will attain partner status under the new VMware by Broadcom umbrella.  In the absence of more information, rumour is running through the industry, with some reports indicating that partners writing less than $500 000 in annual VMware revenue might not make the cut.  An email sent to partners on 22 December explains that Broadcom is terminating all partner agreements with VMware resellers and service providers, following its acquisition of the virtualisation provider in November.  From 5 February, an invitation-only Broadcom Advantage Partner Program will come into effect." * Read the full article on IT-Online .  

Experts analyzed attacks against poorly managed Linux SSH servers

  "Researchers at AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center (ASEC) are warning about attacks targeting poorly managed Linux SSH servers, primarily focused on installing DDoS bots and CoinMiners.  In the reconnaissance phase, the threat actors perform IP scanning to look for servers with the SSH service, or port 22 activated, then launch a brute force or dictionary attack to obtain the ID and password.  Threat actors can also install malware to scan, perform brute force attacks, and sell breached IP and account credentials on the dark web .  Common malware used in attacks against poorly managed Linux SSH servers include ShellBot  [1] [2] , Tsunami   [3] , ChinaZ DDoS Bot  [4] , and XMRig CoinMiner  [5] . " * Read the full article on securityaffairs .

"Ma-am, can you give me protection from yourself."

"It could cost up to about one-billion rand to fix the South African Revenue Service's IT infrastructure. This follows the halt to the SARS modernisation programme abruptly in 2014. This after suspended commissioner Tom Moyane took over. To clarify this matter, I'm joined  from our Pretoria studios by SARS Chief Officer for Digital and IT Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane."   "SARS IT chief Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane and Judge Robert Nugent got into a heated exchange during the SARS inquiry on October 18 2018. South Africans took to social media to express their disappointment in the behaviour of the SARS boss"

Gartner under fire in Sars probe

    "Gartner has become embroiled in a management scandal at the South African Revenue Service after it emerged that the US IT research company secured an almost R200-million contract without proper procurement procedures being followed.  SARS hired Gartner to assess its IT and modernisation programmes, one of several initiatives spearheaded by commissioner Tom Moyane that failed to produce the desired results and coincided with the agency repeatedly missing its collection targets. President Cyril Ramaphosa suspended Moyane in March and appointed a panel headed by retired judge Robert Nugent to investigate his time in office." * Read the full article on TechCentral .

US fines consultancy Gartner R50 million for role in state capture at SARS

  "The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has fined consultancy Gartner $2.44 million (R50 million) for its role in state capture linked to the SA Revenue Service (SARS). Gartner agreed to pay the fine without confirming or denying the SEC's findings. According to the SEC, the US consultancy violated anti-bribery and internal accounting control provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act between December 2014 to August 2015 in its work at SARS." * Link to the SEC ruling: * Read the full article on News24 .

The Mind Behind Windows: Dave Cutler

  "Dave Cutler, the designer and architect of Windows, RSX11m, and VMS.   Dave Cutler is a seminal figure in computer science, renowned for his contributions to operating systems. Born in 1942, he played pivotal roles in the development of several OSes, most notably VMS for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Windows NT for Microsoft. Cutler's design principles emphasize performance, reliability, and scalability. His work on Windows NT laid the foundation for many subsequent Windows versions, solidifying its place in enterprise and personal computing. A stickler for detail and a rigorous engineer, Cutler's influence is evident in modern OS design and architecture. He's a recipient of the Computer History Museum's Fellow Award for his unparalleled contributions."

Network Troubleshooting from Scratch | Learn Wireshark @ SF22US

  The title of this class is: "Network Troubleshooting from Scratch" and was taught by Jasper Bongertz. This was recorded on July 12th in Kansas City, MO.

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks

  An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News reveals how Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers. An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran ‘all’ of President Trump’s digital campaign - and may have broken election law. Executives were secretly filmed saying they leave ‘no paper trail’.

How Cyberwarfare Actually Works

The world’s new era of warfare started here: on the eighth floor of an innocuous office building in Minsk, Belarus.  A small antivirus developer based within these walls, VirusBlokAda, received an inbound help request.

What are you going to do in 2023? Tops 5 skills to get!

  Get these skills in 2023! Or at least get started.

Top 10 SD-WAN stories of 2023

  "2023 has been a banner year for SD-WAN, with the technology continuing to mature and become increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes. SD-WAN adoption is being driven by multiple factors. For one, applications continue to migrate to the cloud, which requires WANs to be re-architected to meet a more distributed environment from the traditional hub-and-spoke data center model. The move toward secure access service edge (SASE) where SD-WAN is more tightly integrated with security service edge (SSE) is also driving adoption.  With analysis firm IDC predicting the SD-WAN market will reach $7.5 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 10.1% by 2027, SD-WAN will remain one of the most important markets in enterprise networking for the foreseeable future.  In 2024, expect even greater convergence of SD-WAN with SASE solutions, AI to play a more significant role in optimizing network performance and automating routine tasks, increased demand for SD-WAN soluti

The Future of WANs: How will their performance improve?

  Going back to the latter months of last year, it would have been incomprehensible to know what effect Covid-19 was going to have on the way we work. Some say it will continue, with staff working from home and the way we use and now rely heavily on wide area networks (WANs), internet and the cloud. This has created a major shift in the use and management of WANs. Read the article on Digitalisation World By David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks.

Now for bulletproof broadband

  Nowadays, small businesses and big banks alike can’t afford to lose connectivity. Now, a new solution means even SMEs can bullet-proof their broadband, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK in Gadget .

FSCA’s Immediate Matrix warning - Deep fake Elon Musk videos lead to a licensed FSP.

  This week, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) issued a statement to warn the public to “be cautious” when dealing with an outfit called Immediate Matrix. “It has come to the attention of the FSCA that Immediate Matrix may be providing financial services to members of the public without being authorised to do so. “Immediate Matrix has used images of well-known individuals, such as Mr Elon Musk and Mr Patrice Motsepe, as part of its advertising and marketing campaign. The FSCA suspects that Immediate Matrix is using the images of these well-known personalities without their consent [a so-called deep fake],” according to the FSCA statement.  * Read the full article over at MoneyWeb .

Kallie Carlson

  "The Tornadoes, ‘n Britse popgroep van die Sestigerjare, het in 1962 ‘n futuristiese Nr 1-treffer gehad met hulle enkelsnit, ‘Telstar’,wat verwys na een van die eerste kommunikasie-satelliete wat ooit gelanseer is.  Soos Kallie Carlson egter verduidelik, is kommunikasie-satelliete lank reeds nie meer futuristies nie. Kallie is die besturende direkteur van Paratus Suid Afrika, ‘n onafhanklike verskaffer van laaste-myl, satelliet-gebaseerde konnektiwiteit en toegangsoplossings. As een van die grootste verskaffers in Afrika, beskik Paratus oor 4000 satelliet-terminale regoor die vasteland en bied dit die volle spektrum van end-tot-einde konnektiwiteitsoplossings.  Dit lewer onder andere ook ‘n kritieke diens aan boeregemeenskappe, met die groeiende kommer rondom plaasveiligheid in Suid-Afrika.  * Originally published on Cliffcentral where you can listen to the podcast!

Beyond the 5G Hype

  5G technology has been one of the hottest topics in the tech world in recent years. But what you might not know is that there’s a significant difference between the 5G networks being rolled out by mobile network operators for consumers, and the private 5G being offered by some service providers to businesses. Join Jaco Voigt and his guest – Justin Colyn from Comsol – as they dive into why this fifth-generation technology has garnered so much hype and excitement. They also discuss whether businesses can rely on a single connectivity source for their needs, and what the next two years may look like in this rapidly evolving space. Brought to you by  Catalytic . * Originally posted on CliffCentral where you can listen to the podcast.

WiFi hacking like Mr Robot (with OTW)

  Occupy the Web shows us how to hack WiFi like in Mr Robot. No need to use a password dictionary or brute force. A different method is used here (wifiphisher)

EskomSePush reveals areas with most and least power cuts

Popular load-shedding stage and schedule tracking app EskomSePush (ESP) has released a Load-shedding Wrap for 2023.  The feature is similar to music and video streaming services’ “Year in Review” reports but summarises some of the key data regarding the rotational power cuts in 2023 . * Read the full article on MyBroadband .

LinkedIn Swindler | Carte Blanche | M-Net

  He was a man whose financial acumen impressed several hard-nosed businesspeople. Backed by references from a respected lawyer, he was a well-connected broker who could provide funds for big international projects... At least, that’s what he claimed on his LinkedIn profile. Using the business networking platform to contact brokers who acted on his behalf to secure clients, he lured people in with the promise of millions in investment funds. The only catch was the payment of an underwriting fee, refundable once the deal was finalised. But the refunds never materialised. The so-called LinkedIn Swindler duped 39 clients from around the world, vanishing with their money and unfulfilled promises of investment.

What is SD WAN (and why it's replacing MPLS) / SD-WAN Benefits (Why Software Defined Networking Makes Business Sense)

  SD-WAN offers many advantages over MPLS. We discuss why SD-WAN should be at the core of your network and how you can make the transition to SD-WAN.

Tech expert Arthur Goldstuck’s new book deep-dives into AI

  “I’m not a believer in free artificial intelligence (AI) at all costs; I do believe there has to be regulation when it comes to the transparency of AI.”  So said Arthur Goldstuck, author, ICT commentator and World Wide Worx CEO, at the launch of his latest book – “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI: A handbook for all”.  The book was launched last night at Exclusive Books Sandton, in conversation with 702 presenter John Perlman.   Read the article over at ITWeb .

Using NFTables for blocklists

  My forum post on MyBroadband about blocklists for NFT .

Why You Should Keep Building Management Systems Separate from Your Business IT Network

  Introduction In today's digitally interconnected world, building management systems (BMS) play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation, security, and sustainability of facilities. BMS encompasses a variety of functionalities, including access control, video surveillance, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. While the integration of these systems can provide convenience and centralized control, it is paramount to recognize the potential risks associated with merging BMS into your business IT network. In this article, we make a compelling case for the separation of BMS from your IT network, particularly when third-party providers are involved. The Inherent Risks of Integration Security Vulnerabilities: Perhaps the most significant concern with integrating BMS into your business