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You're Doing it Wrong: Rebooting! Find out why!

  "Dave explains why shutting down and restarting your system no longer does what you might think it does, and how to perform a REAL full reboot.  He also  explains the differences between sleep, hibernation, and hybrid sleep, as well as introducing how WOL (Wake On LAN) works."

Superhero #MotherBuffer - MWEB - TV - 2016

  "Buffering is one on the most frustrating barriers to entertainment that we have in our modern lives. It’s all too common to those using an ADSL or Mobile connection for our entertainment to stop and start at the most inopportune times. Luckily, MWEB has introduced the latest and greatest thing to happen to our entertainment lives: MWEB Fibre. With MWEB Fibre, you actually get the speed that you pay for (unlike ADSL where you only get ‘up to’ speeds), meaning that buffering is a thing of the past. MWEB Fibre is here to end the frustration of ‘Mother Buffer’ forever." One of the followup adverts..    

DBSA becomes target of ransomware attack

  "T he Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) has become the latest financial institution to suffer a ransomware attack.  In a statement issued yesterday, the DBSA says it was subjected to a ransomware attack by a malicious threat actor. The attack took place on or about 21 May, it adds.  The bank believes the threat actor to be Akira, a Russian ransomware group, based on preliminary investigations. However, the determination is not definitive as investigations are still ongoing, it states." * Read the full article on ITWeb .

The Cyber Threat Landscape in South Africa: A 10-Year Review

"The world is witnessing a rise in cyber-related incidents. As information technology improves and the reliance on technology increases, the frequency and severity of cyber incidents escalate. The impact is felt globally, and South Africa is not immune to the effects. The country's fast-paced technological evolution continues to increase the attack surface within the cyber domain. The increased attack surface is confirmed by recent cyberattacks affecting well-known and established South African organisations. This article reviews findings from an evaluation of South Africa's cyber threat landscape that analysed 74 cyber incidents identified as occurring between 2010 and 2020. The 74 incidents are categorised according to incident type, affected sector, perpetrator type, and motivation. It is found that the most common incident type is data exposure, the most-affected sector is the public sector, the most prevalent perpetrators are hackers, and the most common mo

Cyber attack increase across Africa threatens digital growth

  "As cyberattacks continue to rise across Africa, the need for data protection skills is urgent, with 90% of businesses lacking cybersecurity measures.  Cyberattacks on businesses across Africa are increasing at an alarming rate, making cybersecurity a crucial priority for businesses.  As of February 2023, reported by African Business, approximately 90% of African businesses were operating without cybersecurity protocols in place, making them increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats like hacking, phishing and malware attacks." * Read the full article on Cyber .

Cats Are Using Starlink Dishes as Self-Heating Beds

  "The devices—developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX—have a warming feature to prevent snow buildup from disrupting the signal"  * Read the full article over at the Smithsonian Magazine .  

Consultancy charged R200m for 'failed' work at SARS

  "Information Technology consultancy Gartner has admitted that the R200-million work it did for the South African Revenue Service (Sars) did not deliver value for money for the key state institution.  Gartner head of public-sector consulting Michael Lithgow appeared before the Sars commission of inquiry‚ chaired by retired judge Robert Nugent‚ on Tuesday and gave a lengthy overview of Gartner’s work at the tax body. The contract with Gartner was also shown to be illegal." * Read the full article on Times Live .

Home Wi-Fi Mesh UnitAir 4930

  "Enjoy improved Wi-Fi coverage and performance at home with one easy solution. AirTies Home Wi-Fi Mesh products allows for the delivery of superior quality Wi-Fi throughout your home eliminating dead-spots while boosting performance and stability." * Access the product page on Nology .

SD WANs are about to hit the mainstream in SA’s telecom market

  This the full article by Robert Marston, Global Head of Product at SEACOM on BusinessTech .

Software-Defined Interconnects with Console Connect

Listen to this Packet Pushers episode: Software-Defined Interconnects with Console Connect Paul Gampe, CTO of Console Connect, and Jay Turner, VP Development and Operations at Console Connect, delve into the orchestration engine of the Console Connect platform.

Does SD-WAN Cause Performance Issues Due To Tunnel Overhead?

  The Packet Pushers Virtual Design Clinic 5 held on June 6, 2019 featured an Ask Me Anything panel of industry experts. Enjoy their perspective on this question!heir perspective on this question!s. Enjoy their perspective on this question!

Fusion SD-WAN traffic visualisation unmasks cyber and other incidents

  Connectivity toolboxes should contain more than just a firewall hammer. Be one of five locations to have a free traffic assessment done. * Read the full article over on MyBroadband .