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Why Novell and Netware with it went titsup

I previously wrote about why Madge Networks went titsup here. This triggered discussions and thoughts about Novell, the Big Red. In the early nineties my first LAN installation were done using IBM PS/2 servers running LAN Manager from IBM on token-ring. I then started work at a company who did Novell Netware installations. I started on Netware 3.11 but often had to support Netware 2 installation. This was the days of DOS and OS/2. It was the days before the Internet where drivers updates and bugfixes were downloaded from a BBS using 9.6k baud modem. It had to be a US Robotics and I can safely say I spend more time with that modem than anything else. All software came shrink wrapped. The Novell Software came in a Big Red box, shipped freshly shrink wrapped from the Mormons.

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