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Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control

When you finally decide it's time to do something about that rat's nest of cables that's spreading like kudzu, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money to get it under control. Whether you're looking to stow your headphone wires tangle-free in your gym bag, hide the ugly wire spaghetti you keep kicking further under your desk, or organize your gadget chargers and power plugs, we've got some cord management tricks for you. Hit the jump for photos and videos of our top 10 favorite ways to get cables under control. Read the article over at Lifehacker here. 

Sierra Wireless MC7304 DL 100Mbps UL 50Mbps Mini PCI Express LTE/HSDPA Modem, x2 U.FL

The Sierra Wireless MC Series is optimized for low power consumption. It is ideal for today’s mobile computing, networking, and industrial applications. Find out more about the modem over at Miro here .

180-T VDSL2 SFP Modem (Telco)

Proscend 180-T is a VDSL2 SFP modem that interconnects with Gateway Processor by using a MSA (MultiSource Agreement) compliant hot pluggable electrical interface. The DSL chipset inside the VDSL2 SFP modem supports all VDSL2 profiles that defined by ITU-T G.993.2, and more importantly, it can be backward compatible with * ADSL2/ ADSL2+ and VDSL. Compliancy with G.994.1 and G.997.1 standards, ensures its interoperability with all existing broadband network services. Furthermore, Proscend 180-T also features the latest ITU standards such as G.inp (G.998.4) and G.vector (G.993.5).  Find out more about this SFP here .

Thinkst Canary. Know. When it Matters.

Most companies only realise they are breached when informed by a 3rd party. This is a stupid problem! Thinkst Canary. Know. When it Matters. Find out more about Thinkst Canary here or checkout a more comprehensive list of tools over at LinkedIn here .

MyBroadband Fibre Conference

The MyBroadband Fibre Conference takes place on 11 July 2018. Speakers who are experts in their respective fields will provide insight into the latest overview of fibre networks and supporting broadband networks.   There are only 200 seats available. 

The Mulinet LET-36 in PC World of 10th November 1992

Find the original link on google here .

Reducing the Cost of Health Care Using Madge Technology

Mercy Hospital and Health Services in Merced, California is trimming health care costs by reducing the cost of handling information. Mercy has installed a failure-proof, high-bandwidth network from Madge Networks that is both cost-effective and highly scalable for the future. Products highlighted: LANswitch Plus hubs, LANswitch Plus Ethernet switching modules, Cellenium Bus. The audience includes the installed customer base, senior network management, CIOs, IS directors, network managers, network planners, distributors, channel resellers. Mercy Hospital Reducing the Cost of Health Care Using Madge Technology Mercy Hospital and Health Services in Merced, California is trimming health care costs by reducing the cost of handling information. By the year 2000, Mercy's hospital management, admissions, lab, patient care, radiology, scheduling, and billing operations will be completely automated and paperless. To handle all this data, Mercy has installed a failure-proof, high-ba

Madge LANswitch 3LS Multilayer Switch High-Performance Layer 3 Switching

The Madge LANswitch™ 3LS Multilayer Switch is a Layer 3 switch module that effectively provides the functions of a LAN router but several times cheaper and faster. It is the next logical stage for switching technology, which first replaced bridges (Layer 2) in LANs and is now advancing to handle the more complicated function of routers (Layer 3). Quickly dominating today’s LAN environment, LAN switches provide the throughput and dedicated bandwidth necessary to support users’ ever growing network needs. New applications based on client/server technology, multimedia, and collaborative computing have all benefited from the speed, price and performance afforded by switching.    Fast Layer 3 Switching The Madge LANswitch 3LS allows communication between networks that is as fast as communication within the switched network But LAN switches do not provide all the answers. In most networks, LAN switches must be used in conjunction with routers, and this has a major impact in a number of

Building information modelling in data centre design

T he ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018 is the largest gathering of qualified end users of data centre architecture , infrastructure, technologies and solutions, as well as consumers of the latest trends, including cloud , Azure, blockchain , AI and ML, in South Africa.  Nick Bartels, independent data centre consultant, discusses the need for accurate spatial data when building a data centre, and why it is crucial that this is kept in mind throughout the design and construction project lifecycle to ensure that the facility is constructed accurately on time and on budget. Read the article over at ITWeb here .

Madge unveils future-proof LAN tools

"When used with next generation Madge Token Ring adapters, the kit supports current proprietary Wake-on-LAN power management and the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), a new industry initiative enabling network managers to control workstation power centrally," explained Madge Africa technical specialist Ronald Bartels. Read the article over at ITWeb here .

Introducing Windows 95 Mobile

The video comes from YouTube animation channel 4096 and feels like a flashy modern phone ad, except everything you see on screen is delightfully dated.   Revel in classic-looking Windows 95 icons like "Internet Mail," "Internet News," "Audio Player" and just plain "The Internet." The video also showcases an old-school version of Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, with the browser throwing an annoying unexpected error message.

FEMtrepreneur: Megs Hendry – Reflexologist and Fitness-wear Designer

Reflexologist and fitness-wear designer Megan Hendry proves that the gentle nudge of unexpected life experiences happen for a reason, and the possibilities presented by an array of beckoning career paths are far too interesting to be tied down to one job until ‘death do you part’. When her initial career in fashion didn’t pan out as planned, Megs (as she is more fondly known as) took a leap of faith and changed professions but her passion for fashion never wavered, and now eight years later, she has married her two great loves. By day, this complex spirit practices wellness through ancient healing therapies; reflexology and yoga, but regularly turns her creative key and unlocks her design studio to develop the new ARNASA Movementwear brand. Read the article over at Word Couture here .

Review of Bonded ADSL From Evolving Networks

ADSL bonding is significantly cheaper than a leased line and provides businesses with resilience. Since there is so little published independent information on the real performance of bonded ADSL solutions, we are delighted that we have been able to trial a bonded ADSL service from UK-based Evolving Networks . Read the article over at Increase Broadband Speed here .  For a more comprehensive list of SDWAN vendors checkout my Alpha to Zulu Guide here .

Troy McNabb pictures from 1992 to 1998 of the days at Madge....

No one thinks higher of Robert Madge than I do and to this day he remains the pinnacle of what I would hope for in a founder of a company.  He drove me to be one of the top reps in the US and to President’s Club as a sales person every year. - Troy McNabb