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Use Best Practices to Design Data Centre Facilities

Data centres seldom meet the operational and capacity requirements of their initial designs. The principal goals in data centre design are flexibility and scalability, which involve site location, building selection, floor layout, electrical system design, mechanical design and modularity. Access the research (circa 2005) by Michael A. Bell here .

Blowing up a Data centre!

Going to extremes to prove a point!

Demystifying Data centres with Michele McCann

Building Ecosystems in Africa (RIPE-66, May 2013) with Andrew Owens

Building a case for Africa (RIPE66 May 2013, Dublin) with Michele McCann

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Down and dirty in the data centre (Episode 3)

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Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices. Part 2: Manage Airflow

Security and Data Protection in a Google Data Center

Data centre Fundamentals

Emergency Lighting Controls

The Data Center Life Cycle: Operation Services

Remote Printers

iBacsTel has brought to you the GPRS and SMS-enabled Remote Printers. These patented devices use either GSM or GPRS mobile network to connect to a network provider to receive and process information remotely and convert that information in to complete orders. The devices are able to receive the orders remotely through an SMS or the Web and can process the orders as they arrive. The devices work as two-way communication tools as they can also send verification back to an SMS or Web Server with confirmation information for a particular order sent to the devices. Access the product page here .

A Crash Course in CRAC Units - Data Center Cooling

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Inside a Google data center

Mid range pfsense hardware

Netgate RCC-VE 8860 mini-ITX Communication Board with 8 core Intel ®  Atom™ C2758 CPU, 8GB memory, 64GB flash, and 6 GbE Ethernet Ports, includes Intel QuickAssist Integrated Accelerator and ATX power supply connector. Access the product page here .

Data centre consolidation