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Checklist for HVAC

This checklist is based on this one from the EPA . Outside Air Intake Location Open during occupied hours? Unobstructed? Standing water, bird droppings in vicinity? Odors from outdoors? (describe) Carryover of exhaust heat? Cooling tower within 10m? Exhaust outlet within 10m? Trash compactor within 10m? Near parking facility, busy road, loading dock? Bird screen Unobstructed? General condition? Size of mesh? (12mm minimum) Outside Air Dampers Operation acceptable? Seal when closed? Actuators operational? Outdoor Air (O.A.) Quantity (Check against applicable codes.) Minimum % O.A. Measured % O.A. Note day, time, HVAC operating mode Maximum % O.A. Is minimum O.A. a separate damper? For VAV systems: is O.A. increased as total system air-flow is reduced? Mixing Plenum Clean? Floor drain trapped? Airtightness Outside air dampers. Return air dampers. Exhaust air dampers. All damper motors connected? All damper motors operational? Air mixers or

Example CRAMM analysis mind map

A Bartels in Harare

Lyn Bartels de Jong at the historic moment of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Tsvangirai and Mugabe in Zimbabwe.