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Rayner turns Six!

Rayner at Montecasino bird park

SDQ - Service Delivery Quadrants

SDQ (Service Delivery Quadrants) is my doodle around creating a framework for network and systems management.  This network and system management framework uses a combination of the following: Two dimensional FCAPS (derived from Welcher) ITIL’s expanded incident lifecycle Toyota’s TPS problem solving method FCAPS is a well known set of categories for network and system’s management. Typically products bracket themselves into the various speciality categories. However, most products focus largely at the element level, with very few if any being able to offer service views and nearly none proving a business view. The legacy element view needs to be extended to a network, service and business view. I have remodeled FCAPS to OPACS: (O) Outages (P) Performance (A) Accounting (C) Configuration (S) Security The differences between FCAPS and OPACS is: Performance and Configuration is swapped. This enables the model to be better logically sequenced. Faults is renamed to