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Showing posts from February, 2008

Mommy and Rayner (Grandparent's day)

Picnic at the botanical gardens

The greatest techie

Cartoon from the 5th Wave .

Rayner's first day at school

Chrissie and Catelyn come for a visit

The American cuzzies: Matt and Tim

Application for a visit from Santa

November School Concert


When the boys were born there was a bunch of Clivias in the operating theatre recovery room on both times. Clivias will always remind us of their birthday.

The lightning tree

Rayner and Callum at a neighbour's tree that was struck by lightning. Lightning distribution in South Africa. I think we have had our 8 strikes in the past week!

Rayner's karate lesson

Must have tools for the IT consultant (and project manager)

Chewing gum. Paperclip. Bailing wire . Prestik . Sellotape . Velcro . Duct Tape . Bostik This seems to be a popular post from the blogsphere which worries me. Did someone really type in a search for project management and bailing wire? Please don't answer, I'll rather be ignorant, for now.

Rayner's picture of our new car