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Bring Back the Honeypots

  "Honeypots were all the rage in the 90's - A raft of tools (and even a world-wide alliance) sprung up extolling their virtues but they never managed to live up to their hype. They were largely relegated to researchers and tinkerers on the fringes. At the same time, we have the Verizon DBIR telling us that most companies are first informed by 3rd parties that they are breached. This is a stupid situation to be in.  Well deployed honeypots can be invaluable tools in the defenders arsenal, and don't need to look anything like the honeypots of old. From application layer man-traps, to booby-trapped documents. From network-level deception, to cloud based honeypottery, we are bringing honeypots back!  During this talk, we will discuss and demonstrate the current state of the art regarding honeypots. We will explore the factors that limit adoption (and will discuss how to overcome them.) We will demonstrate new techniques to make your honeypots more "hacker-discoverable&qu

Big dark fibre upgrade for Joburg Internet exchange

  "INX-ZA has announced the completion of a high-speed dark fibre network to improve the resilience and backbone capacity of the multi-site Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX)" * Read the full article on MyBroadband .

Debunking 10 common misconceptions about IoT devices

  "This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most common misconceptions surrounding IoT (Internet of Things) devices. As the adoption of IoT devices continues to grow, it is crucial to address these misconceptions and provide accurate information to users and businesses alike. This will lead to better adoption and utilization, and foster a more informed and secure IoT ecosystem."   * Read the full article over at CyberTalk .  

How to rebuild trust after a cyber security breach

  "With cyber attacks rising and trust in institutions declining, having a cyber security resilience plan is essential for business. Consolidating fragmented cyber security systems is the key preventative strategy. Strong communications with customers is equally important in the aftermath to re-establish trust." * Read the full article over on CyberTalk .

The Rise of Unix. The Seeds of its Fall


Fusion’s SD-WAN solution offers more bang for less buck

  "IDC predicts the SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networks) market will reach $6 billion by 2020. Gartner suggests that 30 per cent of enterprises will have deployed an SD-WAN by 2019.  It seems everyone is developing solutions including carriers, software and hardware providers and bandwidth aggregators such as Fusion Broadband."   * Read the full article on Chief IT . 

VMware partner programme shakeup to impact SA channel

  "VMware channel partners, including those in South Africa, are uncertain about future dealings with the company after its new parent company, Broadcom, confirmed its decision to transition the VMware partner programme to its ‘by-invitation-only Broadcom Advantage Partner Programme’." * Read the full article on ITWeb . 

Thato Matsio explains the importance of the Northern Cape School Connectivity project

In this What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interview , Thato Matsio – The Impact Catalyst Head of Department: ICT and Education – discusses the Northern Cape School Connectivity project.    

SD-WAN catches up with Verizon Business, which takes a $5.9 billion impairment charge

  Carriers such as Verizon used to get a lot of money from selling MPLS circuits to business customers. But now, even though the carriers may still retain those customers, they only get a portion of the pie. The other providers of connectivity also get a portion. And the biggest portion goes to the SD-WAN vendor. * Read the full article on Fierce Telecom .